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True vs. False Colloids: How to spot ionic solutions.

True vs. False Colloids: How to spot ionic solutions. - Electron Colloidal



The world of silver-based health products can be a bit perplexing, with claims about true colloids and ionic solutions often causing confusion. In this article, we aim to clarify some key points to help you make informed choices.

First, what's the difference between real colloids and ionic solutions? Real colloids involve tiny, insoluble silver particles that remain suspended in a liquid. Ionic silver products, on the other hand, are solutions, meaning the silver is dissolved and not present as particles. This distinction is crucial.

Some manufacturers may claim to have developed innovative methods for creating real colloidal silver through electrolysis. However, it's important to note that, without exception, all products produced this way are not really colloids. To mask this fact, some use misleading terms like 'colloidal silver solution.' In reality, these are ionic silver solutions, as silver particles aren't soluble.

When you come across products labeled as 'HIGH VOLTAGE AC PRODUCED,' be aware that these are still ionic silver solutions, despite their talk of small particles. Ions are not the same as particles, and they cannot survive in the body or pass through cellular tissue.

A good quality colloid should contain at least 80% silver particles, ideally with a diameter of 1 nanometer or less.

Remember this simple rule: if it's a clear liquid, it's ionic silver. In essence, these products are often mislabeled.

Now, it's worth noting that ionic silver solutions do possess antibacterial properties in certain situations. However, they are not as effective as Electron colloidal colloids. Ionic silver readily combines with other ions, typically chloride, forming silver chloride or other silver salts. While these salts aren't harmful at recommended doses, they are significantly less potent than silver particles.

In summary, true colloidal silver and ionic silver solutions are distinct products with different properties. When making a choice, consider your specific needs and the effectiveness of the product in question.

In the end, a clear understanding of these differences will empower you to make informed decisions about silver-based health products and their potential benefits.

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