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Our Story

A day at the Lab

Sometimes, our journey to health and wellness isn't straightforward. For some of us, our own bodies pose the greatest challenge. For instance, battling with Crohn's disease often feels like facing an enemy within, a relentless foe that disrupts not just our health but our lives. This is a reality that I, Robert Wilkins, founder of Electron Colloidal, understood well when I was diagnosed with Crohn's.

This condition, while challenging, led me to delve into the world of health supplements. It launched a purposeful quest to develop products grounded in nature and backed by science - colloidal supplements that are not just efficacious, but also affordable.

Formulated in a FDA Standard Facility

It's All in the Details!

Electron Colloidal has reimagined the production of colloidal supplements, discarding outdated electrolysis techniques. Our innovative method focuses on precision, reducing particle size to enhance bioavailability. Maintaining product stability is key, ensuring reliable quality in every batch.l.