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Platine colloïdal

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Si vous cherchez à améliorer vos fonctions cardiaques et artérielles, à réguler le flux sanguin et à soutenir un système endocrinien sain, le platine colloïdal est un excellent complément à considérer. En plus de contrôler les hormones et diverses fonctions corporelles, ce supplément peut également améliorer votre humeur, votre niveau d’énergie et votre libido. Les amateurs de fitness apprécieront sa haute biodisponibilité, ce qui en fait un complément précieux à toute routine complémentaire. Mieux encore, avec une seule dose quotidienne, vous pouvez favoriser votre bien-être général et profiter des incroyables bienfaits du platine colloïdal. Essayez-le dès aujourd'hui !
  • Provides support for healthy tissue regeneration in the heart, thymus, and endocrine system.

  • Enhances lucid dreaming.

  • Enhances the coherence of electrical impulses that pass along brain synapses, resulting in greater mental clarity and clairvoyance for many.

  • Memory improvement.

  • Supports DNA repair and nerve tissue regeneration.

  • Boost sex drive.

  • Both males and females experience an increase in libido.

❤️Le platine colloïdal contient du platine pur à 0,9995.

❤️Complément minéral alimentaire entièrement naturel

❤️Le produit contient de l'eau pure et des nanoparticules de platine pure

❤️N'interagit ni n'interfère avec aucun médicament

❤️L'eau de platine colloïdale électronique se ​​compose principalement de nanoparticules de platine plutôt que d'ions platine.

❤️Il y a une concentration de 10 ppm

❤️Les plus petites nanoparticules de platine mesurent entre 15 et 20 nm.

❤️En raison du subnanomètre, les produits à base de platine ont la biodisponibilité la plus élevée

❤️Pour une efficacité maximale, notre platine colloïdale électronique possède la surface de particules la plus élevée jamais mesurée.

❤️Nous fabriquons tous nos produits dans des installations enregistrées par la FDA

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Platine colloïdal

$22.07 Prix régulier $25.97

What is tissue regeneration

Colloidal Platinum promotes tissue regeneration, it's your body's way of fixing or replacing damaged parts. In the heart, it helps repair tissue after injury. In the thymus, it keeps the immune system strong. For the endocrine system, it ensures glands can renew and keep making hormones for things like growth and metabolism. It's like your body's natural repair and maintenance system!

What benefits of having increase electrical impulses in the brain.

Having more electrical activity in the brain is like giving it a power boost. This can make you sharper, help you learn faster, and react more quickly. It's like upgrading your brain's connections, allowing it to adapt and learn new things. This process of "brain rewiring" is like creating new pathways for information to travel, making your brain more efficient and improving your mood. So, more brain electricity means a smarter and more adaptable you!

What is DNA repair?

Think of DNA repair like the body's superpower for fixing mistakes in its instruction manual – the DNA. Our DNA carries important information that guides how our bodies work. Sometimes, things like sunlight or mistakes during cell division can cause damage to this information.

DNA repair steps in to fix these little errors. It's like having a superhero team inside our cells, making sure our genetic instructions stay accurate and our body functions properly. Without DNA repair, mistakes could pile up, and that might lead to health issues or problems in how our bodies grow and work. So, DNA repair is like the body's way of keeping its instruction manual in top-notch condition, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

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Nature's wisdom available to you

Expert customer support is ready to help you understand how each benefit can positively impact you and your family, providing valuable advantages.

Vital organ support

As we grow older, our important body parts like the heart, nerves, thymus, endocrine system, and brain may not work as well as they used to. Colloidal platinum is here to help these organs regenerate, so they can function at their best again.

Greater bioavailability and stability for enhance effectiveness

Electron colloidal Nano particle size allows platinum particles to easily enters cell membranes for maximum health benefits. Platinum is recognized for treating cancer and repairing DNA and cells.

Your cells feel the benefits before you do.

Platinum minerals support the health of DNA in cells to enable various functions in different systems, aiding in hormone balance, supporting healthy heart function, and enhancing cognitive function.

Enhances cellular function

Great health starts at cellular level

The body in fact is made up of colloids. Colloidal solutions is essential for all that is living. When absorb in colloidal form, these minerals allows us to make an extraordinary leap towards better health and wellbeing.

Marie- France Muller M.D., N.D., Ph.D.
Scientist, Doctor, and Author

Customer Reviews

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Juan Cases (Buffalo, US)
You Folks Are Most Kind

I was Raving about a product I hadn't tested! I already planned on recommending it to friends because many of them have been disappointed with store-bought vitamins but based on what I know about Electron Colloidal's I know this is light years ahead of must-stuff out

Awesome, thank you for your feedback, and pleased to hear our supplements met your expectations.

Sophia Szarkowski (Hood River, US)
Feel awesome!

I cannot say enough good things about the Colloidal Copper, Iridium, Gold and Platinum products. They are absolutely amazing

Thank You for the review Sophia we appreciate you as a customer and looking forward to serving you soon

Johnathan W.

I don't know where to begin with but to say I feel amazing .