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Electron Iridium

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Electron Iridium- Potent Natural Guard Against Fatigue

If you are experiencing a decline in daily performance, I recommend colloidal Iridium. An all-natural dietary mineral supplement that serves as a formidable shield against persistent fatigue, exhaustion, and depressive moods. This supplement is the go-to choice for health enthusiasts seeking a natural surge to their cognitive and physical performance. Iridium is a rare mineral that fuels creativity and enhances focus, intuition, and meditation experiences. This unique supplement is ideal for those seeking a natural method to boost their general wellness and cognitive sharpness. 

Iridium supports normal cell function and enhances brain metabolism which promotes healthy brain cells and boosts daily performance. Having healthy cells is crucial for maintaining a healthy and high-performing body.

  • Guaranteed 20ppm (minimum) concentration for enhanced effectiveness

  • Wide particle surface area ensures optimal absorption and benefits

  • Non-reactive formula; guaranteed no interference with any medications

  • Ultra-small Iridium nanoparticles measuring only 20 nm in size for greater  bioavailability

  • Promotes improved cellular metabolism.

  • Promotes enhanced mental acuity.


  • Promotes healthy tissue regeneration.


  • May help with encouraging normal cell function.

  • The high level of spiritual adepts (monks and minsters) and those who meditate regularly report that iridium induces a higher state of awareness and enhances meditative states. 

  • Boosts brain metabolism.

  • Enhances creativity and mental activity.

  • Enhances concentration, intuition, and sensitivity.


  • Activates pineal gland and the 3rd eye Neurons.

  • receive improved signals from synapses.

  • Enhances mental and physical activity.

  • Defends against chronic fatigue and exhaustion.

  •  Defends against depressive moods.   

Contains 0.998  pure Iridium.

All-natural dietary mineral supplement.

Contains pure water and pure Iridium nanoparticles.

Concentration 20ppm (minimum)

Neither interacts nor interferes with any medications.

Electron-colloidal Iridium water consists primarily of Iridium nanoparticles rather than Iridium ions.

High particle surface area for maximum effectiveness

Small Iridium nanoparticles are 20 nm in size.

Due to the sub-nanometer, Our iridium colloidal has the highest bioavailability.

For maximum effectiveness, our electron colloidal Iridium has the highest particle surface area ever measured.

It is recommended to take 1 dropper per day to maintain good health.  To fortify your brain health up to one dosage can be taken per day.
It is highly recommended to take along with Electron Colloidal Platinum to enhance benefits.
* Dosage may vary depending on the individual needs  

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Electron Iridium

$22.07 Regular price $25.97

How does iridium revitalize brain cells?

Iridium helps improve how your brain works by boosting its metabolism. When your brain metabolism is enhanced, it gets more energy to function at its best and promotes enhance mental endurance against strenuous mental activities. Additionally, it helps maintain and repair brain cells, ensuring a continuous revitalization of your brain function and cells

How should one use iridium for potential cell revitalization benefits?

Start your initial dose in the morning on an empty stomach, ensuring a gap of 15 minutes before eating a meal.

How does iridium potentially impact brain cells and cognitive function?

Iridium supports brain cell health and cognitive function by promoting cellular vitality. It is thought to have the potential to enhance mental clarity, focus, an creativity and enhance experiences during yoga and meditation.

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Achieve peak performance

Greater bioavailability and stability for enhance effectiveness

Our unique colloidal form ensures an unmatched 80% concentration for greater potency, stability, and performance over time. This translates to fast absorption into your bloodstream and high bioavailability for your cells.

Your cells feel the benefits before you do.

Nourishment offers essential support for maintaining health and vitality. By aiding in maintenance and repair, it enhances endurance and recovery for both physical and mental performance.

Enhances cellular function

Great health starts at cellular level

Achieve peak performance

Mindfulness, elevate, Awaken, and restore.

Mindfulness isn't just a practice; it's a state of being that iridium can help awaken within you. Its ability to enhance mental acuity invites a heightened awareness of the present, allowing you to fully engage with the here and now, making each moment richer and more meaningful.

For those looking to elevate their mental and spiritual well-being, iridium offers a path. It's known to boost brain metabolism and creativity, transforming routine tasks into opportunities for innovation and discovery, and making the ordinary extraordinary.

The body in fact is made up of colloids. Colloidal solutions is essential for all that is living. When absorb in colloidal form, these minerals allows us to make an extraordinary leap towards better health and wellbeing.

Marie- France Muller M.D., N.D., Ph.D.
Scientist, Doctor, and Author

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Nick Meyers ( Journalist, Alt Health Works) (Chicago, US)
Similar to electrolytes (but more potent in my experience).

Upon taking this mineral blend in water for over a week I noticed several changes. I felt more energy, calmness and vitality than usual and I seemed to easily move from task-to-task without needing a break as I did before.
I even got up and went hiking at 5:30 in the morning at a local riverside park, something I rarely ever do. This mineral supplement definitely helps in a lot of ways, and its price point is lower than other similarly crafted, high quality mineral supplements I’ve used over the years

Thank you, Nick, We are pleased our colloidal Iridium made a difference in your wellness journey!


These products are the best I’ve ever found!!

Thank you for being our valued customer. Our commitment to delivering the best colloidal supplements for your wellness journey is our #1 Priority. We are grateful for your feedback and appreciate your genuine review🎉 .

Angela C. (Akron, US)

I noticed that difference as soon as I hadn't taken for a few days . Don't skip!!

Thank You for the review Angela we appreciate you as a customer and looking forward to serving you soon

Madison Lowell
Great Product

Colloidal Iridium has made a huge difference in my ability to focus and concentrate. I have noticed a significant improvement in my mental clarity since I started taking it. Highly recommend to anyone looking to boost their cognitive function

Thank You for the review Madison we appreciate you as a customer and looking forward to serving you soon.

Justin Lawson (Honolulu, US)
Colloidal Iridium

I feel more focused and productive.

Thank You for the review Justin we appreciate you as a customer and looking forward to serving you soon